Before it all went downhill…

Sometimes I don’t want to share that I had a dream pregnancy because I feel guilty. My friends who are or have recently been pregnant have had issues that I didn’t. A friend of mine is currently experiencing the most miserable pregnancy. Probably not the worst because there are SO many things that can go wrong, but pregnancy has not been kind to her.

When I think about the difficulties that I experience everyday now I don’t feel badly about my wonderful pregnancy experience. When I was pregnant (and before) it’s almost like my body said “yeah enjoy this gift I’m giving you because you’re in for rough ride afterwards.” It was my body’s way of being kind before giving up and becoming confused on how to do life. I also think that Oliver somehow knew that I wouldn’t be up for hours of labour so he thrashed around a little early, broke my water, and came after 2 pushes. I had a little grace period of pregnancy where my body functioned normally, then Oliver’s first year of life, and when it was safe for my body to bail – when he was less delicate and no longer attached to me – my physical ability said “My work is done here! Ok byeee…”

So maybe I’ll be less ashamed to say that I had the best pregnancy. I loved being pregnant. I felt the best since I can remember and I would take that over what I currently deal with any day. I wish there was a way that I could have remained in that state…even with the occasional kicks to the ribs that made me breathless and the terrible sleeps from aching bones.

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