I get along best with children & the elderly

My Alinker

I really like when kids ask me about my different mobility aids. It’s genuine curiosity and I love that they don’t get caught up trying not to be offensive. I remember being at a playground when a kid stopped, looked at me and asked “how old are you?” I told him I was 33 and the look on his face was amazing 👌🏻 He was so confused and he said “but…my grandpa uses one of those?” He was referring to my cane and I explained to him that my leg needs extra support to keep me safe. When kids see me using my cane and hobbling down the street I love that I’m not met with sad eyes. They just want to know why I get to use things they don’t. If I am riding my Alinker kids will look almost in awe. I like to think they are jealous that don’t have a sweet yellow bike, or that they don’t get to have a ride 😏
I also really enjoy older people whenever they approach me. It’s almost as if we have unspoken solidarity. A lady in coop walked by me and saw my cane and just said “Me too!” and kept walking. I immediately wanted to be best friends.
During the summer we went to Heritage Park because I wanted to do something other than be at home. I like our house and I like being at home, but when Neil isn’t working I am like an overly excited dog who’s owner just got home. “Let’s go do something! Let’s go to the zoo! It’s raining we should go to Heritage Park!” I had thought that rain would chase everyone away because much of Heritage Park is outdoors. Not the case 😒 I did not enjoy how busy it was.
Despite the busyness, there were two people who’s comments on my yellow bike were the best. One was maybe a teenager who looked at it and said to her mum “I wish I had one of those!” Her mum shushed her and said that it seemed like something was up with my leg (my hip brace and AFO were pretty visible). The girl said “So? That bike looks fun!” I loved her.
Later an older lady asked me “What is that contraption? Is that the newest thing in place of a wheelchair? How does it work?” She went on but not once did she ask why I needed it. She didn’t seem to care and just thought my yellow bike was cool. I loved her too.

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