I’m NOT fragile!

One day I’m going to break my ankle. I’ve been lucky because I am not exactly careful. I was out for a walk with my mum and she saved me from falling & hurting myself three times. “You’re not very careful! You make me nervous.” She’s totally right! I’m not careful because I haven’t adjusted to my own accident-prone body. I was riding my yellow bike and moved off the sidewalk for a kid on a bike (he was probably 5) and a mum with a baby carriage. I got stuck, my bike began to tip over and mum caught me. She told me that I needed to be more careful because one day I could get hurt and nobody would be there to catch me. It’s already happened!
When I went to have my foot checked I was given an air boot and I wore it for 3 days. It was lovely. It inflated and put pressure on my sore swollen foot. I didn’t like wearing it because it was “clompy” and heavy so it leeched my energy. It’s not surprising that it keeps getting hurt.
The times I’ve really hurt myself I’ve been with Oliver and he has to go grab my phone so I can call Mum. Now he knows what to do. When he was younger it was just me crying because I was hurt and him crying back at me because he was a baby. I imagine it would have been funny to watch after the fact. That’s what I think about most of my falls. They are not normally big dramatic crashes, more like watching something slowly tip over. As if I’m always on really slippery ice and trying to get up is the most difficult task. I have falls, then I struggle and have other lower falls while trying to stand up. This morning I was standing next to the bed talking to Oliver, then I just slipped sideways and fell onto the floor and into the closet. Why? I don’t know I was standing still?
I googled “why does my ankle roll so easily” because the bit between my leg and foot that should be ankle feels like a section of jelly. Chronic ankle instability? I didn’t know that was a thing. The ligaments weaken and stretch?! It makes sense, but strange to think that a few rolls has rendered it useless like an over-stretched rubber band.

I should be more careful 😒 but I’m not about to start wearing shoes inside. I’ve already had to start wearing socks. Not a fan.

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