My eyes are sore

About a month (or two?) ago I ordered this eye serum because my eyes are tired looking. I would like botox but that’s expensive, so I bought some stuff that had caffeine in it because I thought that would do something.

Around the same time my eyes began to rage at me. They were red, they stung, and hurt more when I wore my contacts so I assumed I was reacting to the eye stuff. I stopped using it and threw my contacts & case out, but my eyes continued being sore and produced so much eye goo (it was gross).

This is how I feel

Last night my contacts burned, and my eyes burned more when I took them out. This morning I went to get them checked because I was afraid it had something to do with MS. It didn’t. I just have dry eyes. The doctor explained that there is 2 types of dry eye: 1. You just don’t produce enough tears, 2. You produce tears but the quality is poor. I have the 2nd type, and that’s so typical of my body. My eyes suddenly do NOT appreciate my tear quality and reject it by forcing it out via gross eye goo. When did the standards get raised? What’s next? My organs will up and leave? “Sorry, this vessel isn’t warm enough so we’re out.” Work with me guys, I’m trying!

Anyways, I need to use these oil based artificial tears indefinitely, and I need a different type for when I wear contacts. She also told me to get this eye gel to use at night that’s basically lotion for in my eyes. I’m excited for that because she said it will make them feel better and putting something really thick into my eyes is going to be so weird.

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