I’m reading “The Whole-Brain Child” right now and I’m finding myself applying a lot of it to myself & my own emotions. There’s a part explaining how children may respond to situations with either the right (emotional) or left (logical) brain. The idea is to have the two work together in harmony, and problems arise when one side is more dominant. I struggle so much because my right brain is very much the boss.

I’m not ready to talk about physio. It’s over and I’m not happy about it nor am I satisfied with the outcome. Sure I know I did make huge strides, but emotionally I’m not ready to even think about it.

A situation the book describes is a young girl dealing with something by “retreating to the left, running to the arid emotional desert of the left side of her brain.” The example is different because the girl feels betrayed by a friend. She didn’t want to feel hurt so she tried to move away from the feelings. I was not betrayed by anyone (except my immune system) but I just feel overwhelmed. So I’m going to avoid for a bit. I’ll talk about it when I can actually think about it and explain it to myself.

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