After it all

After the halfway point in physio I became overly concerned with hitting a plateau, and I always asked my therapist “do you think I have?” The answer was no. Seeing change wasn’t difficult for them to see because they saw me weekly. I’m with myself 24/7 and constantly overanalyze every movement.

Some things had improved and other results were similar to 8 weeks. My symptoms enjoy playing up in the afternoon, so I blame the time of day. My final appointment was a few hours later than previous days. After physio time was up I think I slipped into a slight depression. I also think I had a bladder infection, so my spirits were a bit crushed.

My walking is better without my stick! I can do tandem walking easily with my stick, and better without it compared to last time. My eyes-closed walk was fun & I wanted to be dangerous and do it without a stick. I deviated a bit, but I didn’t crash into the wall! Woo! Stairs were tricky. I attempted to go up reciprocally, but that wasn’t very pretty. Even if it’s one at a time, going up using my LEGS saves energy. I really wanted to be able to step over that dumb box. Oliver’s stuff is always all over the floor, I step up to get in & out of the car, and it will help me destroy stairs. It would also be nice to step up from a curb and not eat it.

I had my yearly appointment with my neurologist on Tuesday. I said to Neil that the last time we were leaving that office I was ugly crying. Today was very much the opposite! Right away she noticed my balance had improved, and when we did the routine tests my body cooperated! There’s a test that previously I’ve failed due to being stiff. Well, not failed but she was never able to perform the test because I was a robot. I lift & bend my knee and try to pull it to my chest while laying. My leg liked to stick straight out, refuse to bend, and maybe lift a little off the bed. I was PUMPED. She noticed my overall stability had improved when I did a walk test – it was like 6 steps though. Still yay!

I still fall occasionally, I’m wiped after a 10 block walk, and in the off chance fully pee my pants, but my body wants to be awesome again!

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