Happy Anniversary! From: Your neurogenic bladder.

One of the reasons I changed neurologists years ago was because of one comment he had made about my MS. I was young, my symptoms were mostly invisible at that point, and after one positive appointment following an MRI he told me that the medication I was on at the time had done great things & some of my lesions had partially repaired (?). I took that as “I AM INVINCIBLE!” and proceeded to stop taking medication because I thought that I was cured.

Oh how foolish. I saw him again a year later and when he asked how I had been I said I’d been fine and “pretty much forgot about having MS.” He replied “Oh, well unfortunately your MS hasn’t forgotten. You have a number of lesions and it seems to be progressing.” At the time I had thought he was being a sassy jerk, but in retrospect I understand the comment. How naïve I was to think everything was fine.

This week was my five year wedding anniversary. Neil and I went to lunch and a movie in the afternoon. We go to sleep early (ish?) and have attachment issues with our child & bedtime so we went out in the daytime, ok?

We went to a theatre that’s for adults only and serves alcohol and I never want to go to a regular movie theatre EVER AGAIN. It was so nice. No children, no yelling, no popcorn everywhere. I’M READY FOR RETIREMENT. Jokes on me because MS already forced me to retire in a way. About 30 minutes because the movie was over I had to go to the bathroom. I had one glass of wine so it was fun not eating it down the stairs in the dark. I spent 15-20 minutes in the bathroom trying to pee, while feeling as if I was going to pee my pants & have my bladder rupture. In the end I couldn’t do it and I had to go back into the theatre, get Neil and tell him we had to leave. Neil is a dream because I just had to say “we have to go home” and he knew. Half and hour left in the movie and I was blubbering in the car on the way home. I love him.

“Unfortunately, your MS doesn’t give a shit if it’s your anniversary, you need to go home to cath.”

Now I have a headache from crying.

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