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Happy Anniversary! From: Your neurogenic bladder.

One of the reasons I changed neurologists years ago was because of one comment he had made about my MS. I was young, my symptoms were mostly invisible at that point, and after one positive appointment following an MRI he told me that the medication I was on at the time had done great things…

Sitting pretty

I can’t find motivation to write anything down. For myself, for therapy, responding to messages, sometimes explaining things in words, or just talking to people. At this very moment my brain keeps leaving to think about things I need to buy? Do I need to fill the bird feeder? I should see what mum made…

Mother’s Day

The inevitable shift from being a vessel, to sustaining the life of a newborn, and then a bystander watching my son grow has been the most surreal, fulfilling, and agonizing experience. Being his mother has been the greatest experience of my life. I’ve loved watching him grow, learn, express all of his emotions, and freely…


I’ve had a pretty rough go of it lately. I spend so much time struggling to do things that came easy to me after my therapy and now I question whether it was actually worth it at all. It was so expensive, and I do believe it was worth it with the visible improvements. Ultimately…


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